Night charges seem so unfair

I WANTED to respond to the letter from last Friday’s edition regarding the lady who had taken her husband to hospital during the night and had to pay car park charges. I had exactly the same experience. I took my husband who was in extreme pain to A&E and while the nurse and doctor were very caring, having sat for six hours waiting to be seen, at 4am we had to pay £9 to get out of the car park.

I did email the hospital the next day requesting they justify these charges. At night time the car park is empty and to my knowledge there is no attendant on site. There may have been but we didn’t go looking, we just wanted to get home.

I wonder what would have happened had I not had some money in my purse. I understand charges need to be made but in the middle of the night when the car park is empty cannot be fair.

So far I have had no reply from the hospital to my email

Carole Gregory

Reynolds Road