New Wish Tower Cafe is needed

THERE was a very good letter recently re: the loss of well-known amenities.

I so agree that we should preserve, and build on, our facilities.

We are known, even now, for an elegant and unique seafront. We should cater more for families.

Teenagers are very fickle and needing more than we can provide.

Brighton and Hastings already cater for them.

When one sees all the coaches bringing people here, surely that is a good income provider?

A new Wish Tower Cafe is needed. Why not one to fit in with the seafront?

To be an attractive memorial, and have a free sun-lounge.

If it incorporates an exhibition by local artists and an extended museum, it would be a great attraction.

So, please, no more destruction but more building up to suit the needs of the residents and visitors.


Spencer Road.