New school plan is welcome news

REGARDING your article of December 30 about the proposed new Free School at the former Dental Estimates Board, what excellent news this is for this part of town.

As a parent from this area this will give us more choice for our children’s education.

This part of town has seen two large secondary schools, and a very large junior school oversubscribed year after year, pushing up class sizes and disappointing many local residents who have to travel further for a school.

This also may lead to East Dean children having more choice and residents in the western side of the town being able to walk instead of catching buses or having their parents drive them.

More traditional ethos of the new school will appeal to many parents, especially regarding sports opportunities and a drive for sciences and languages.

With the importance of tourism, foreign exchange programmes and links with Europe, our teaching of languages is crucial to compete with students from other countries.

This building was also originally a school and it will be exciting to preserve another of Eastbourne’s grand historic buildings, and see it put to use for the purpose it was built.

I wish them success with their application, and I for one will certainly be supporting them.


Watts Lane.