New Sailing Club for the disabled

I have just returned after a New Year cruise on the Independence of Seas from Southampton where I have met and talked to a lot of disabled people onboard.

One of the interesting encounters was with a charismatic, full of life disabled gentleman from Bournemouth by the name of Richard.

Richard is involved with the running of the Sport Forum Sailing Club, located in Bournemouth, where they have established a local charity which owns and operate a converted nine-metre sailing catamaran called Knoticat which offers real hands on sailing to a wide range of disabilities.

Marina Developments Ltd. at Cobbs Quay, in Pool Harbour, offered a free mooring with many local volunteers giving their help from skippering and crewing to boat maintenance.

The boat has a ramped entry part making access easy for most wheelchairs, a fully enclosed cabin with wide bunk for those who may need to lie down and accessible electricity operated toilet.

I was so impressed that I decided to be involved in setting up similar project based in Sovereign Harbour.

I would like to call on all disabled in Eastbourne, and for that matter for the whole of East Sussex , who are interested to join me and take part in launching a Sport Forum Sailing Club to be run by disabled people for disabled people with help from volunteers able bodies, experienced in sailing.

Fundraising, at this stage, is not important.

Money will be found from kind-hearted people. I need to build a club structure first, in order to run this scheme.

A website needs to be setup - any volunteers to run it?

Please contact me on in the first instance.

Sam Sweiry

Trujillo Court

Sovereign Harbour