New road layout must be wind-up

I HAVE just read the letter from F Wait regarding the forthcoming traffic chaos outside of the new Morrisons store.

I also use the road daily and agree with every sentiment.

However, having thought about this layout I have come to the conclusion it must be a wind up.

Traffic engineers are not stupid and would never put in place plans that actually slow up the traffic and likewise council planning committees would not pass plans not helpful to road users - at least I see no evidence of this in Eastbourne.

I think we need not worry and the answer is simple. On the day that the store opens a Jeremy Beadle-type character will leap from behind the fence cut the ribbon, the island will sink into the road, the fence will open and behind the fence will be a new bus lay-by. What other answer could there be?

You may think this a ridiculous suggestion, but compared with the current lay out, it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Nobody who knows this area could seriously think their plans will work without causing chaos. It’s Polegate roundabout traffic lights all over again.


Maywood Avenue