New Morrisons has kept other supermarkets on their toes

I read with interest the front cover and then turned to page 3 to read the full article and was amazed to read that the focus was on the traffic issues surrounding the opening of the new Morrisons.

Is it only obvious to me that with a new store there woud be a lot of people visiting in the first week as occured with the Range when it opened.

What was disappointing was that no mention about the positives of this store was made such as the vast array of quality products, fresh produce and the inivitive design of the store.

This has not only brought in much-needed employment but also kept the other supermarkets on their toes and hence their own refurbishments that they are currently making which may not have occured if Morrisons had not opened.

Good luck to Morrisons in the future!

CHARLIE BRACKEN, Coral Reef Close.