New lifeboat is good news for Eastbourne

THE WAIT is over and Eastbourne can now look forward to its new lifeboat.

The £2.7m vessel was expected to arrive on Tuesday, after having a well-deserved send off from the RNLI headquarters in Poole, Dorset, before making her way along the coast to Newhaven and then across to her new home in Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour.

I am sure the new lifeboat, named Diamond Jubilee, was greeted by hundreds of schoolchildren waving flags of welcome and many other well wishers at the harbour locks.

The arrival of the new Tamar class lifeboat is an occasion worth marking.

With this class of lifeboat having an expected 50-year lifespan it will be a once in a lifetime event, as crew member Bob Jeffery has quite rightly stated.

The Diamond Jubilee was expected to come as close to the shore as possible depending on tides with the Newhaven and Hastings lifeboats travelling alongside her.

The Diamond Jubilee, which replaces the faithful Mersey class all-weather Royal Thames lifeboat, with her state of the art equipment will serve the waters around Eastbourne and surrounding area for many years to come.

Great news I think that the £2.7m lifeboat has been funded by two generous legacies and great local fund raising efforts.

The Diamond Jubilee is not expected to be in service until the end of June, when Eastbourne can look forward to having one of the most up-to-date lifeboats currently in service when she begins serving the town.


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