Never too early to start thinking...

In December 2010 I wrote to your newspaper in response to a general challenge from a then sitting councillor, opining that the chances of a: “truly independent person winning an election when pitted against candidates from the major political parties are very slim indeed”.

The results of this year’s elections to Seaford Town Council have seemingly confirmed my view.

Despite several independent candidates “stepping up to the plate” and offering themselves, none succeeded in being elected: the old party politics held sway.

However, I continue to believe there should to be a place for local citizens who choose not to align themselves with a political party to stand a reasonable chance of being successful in an election for a local body such as the town council.

One practical suggestion is for the parties to agree to disentangle the link between town council and district council candidates in future elections.

After all, there’s no rule which says the same people must sit on both councils is there?

It might also have the added democratic bonus that if different people were elected to the two bodies, there might be an improvement in the checks and balances which have always played an important part in British politics.

The next set of elections to the town council may be four years away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about these things is it?

David Swaysland

Meads Road