Neglect not only for recreation

Following Peter Sales’ letter in the Eastbourne Herald (June 10) about the absence of recreational areas in Sovereign Harbour this neighbourhood has also been neglected in relation to street cleaning.

Pacific Drive is the only road into and out of the North Harbour and in early May having noticed the same identifiable items of litter including broken glass (with car tyres at risk) had been there for three weeks I reported it to Eastbourne Borough Council’s cleansing department.

I was surprised to learn that this major road is only scheduled for cleaning every four weeks.

This is an unacceptable level of service given it is the only road into and out of the North Harbour, it serves a large community and there is not a single general litter bin on it.

To compound the poor service the scheduled monthly clean fell on a bank holiday, May 2, and was missed as presumably was the one that fell four weeks later on May 30.

Following my first call to the council I was told they would send their contractor out to pick up the litter.

A week to 10 days later nothing had happened so I complained again and again was promised action.

After a further 10 days a third call and a third promise was made. Despite this some of the easily identifiable items of litter were still not removed.

This is very poor value for Council Tax and if this was a private contractor I would be demanding my money back yet it seems the council can act with impunity.

Further it is clear there is a systemic problem here as I have subsequently learned that newly elected conservative councillor Gordon Jenkins and colleagues undertook their own litter pick on Pacific Drive in late February.

They collected eight sacks of rubbish before the rain curtailed their efforts. So what has the contractor been doing in the last few months? At worst the council do not care, at best they are incompetent and incapable of managing their contractor.

Perhaps the council would care to respond here or better still get their finger out and provide the service the public are paying for.

Mike Grant

Caroline Way