Need for speed limit reminder

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Email your letters to us

From: Simon Seath

Kings Drive

On leaving my house this morning I noticed that numerous signs have been erected, some on new posts, banning parking on the verge or footway.

This would seem a laudable idea as on limited occasions there are vehicles that park on the verge, mainly tradesman’s vans, causing damage to the grass. But I am rather surprised as the residents along our stretch of road have been asking for signs to be erected reminding motorists that they are in a 30mph zone.

The majority of vehicles driving along this stretch exceed the speed limit as has been proven by unofficial speed checks by the authorities; apparently they can’t have official ones because it is too dangerous a stretch of road!

There is a blind corner and it difficult to pull out of our drives with cars appearing at speeds of regularly 40-50mph and there have been several incidents including some collisions over the years.

The other local problem which is more dangerous is the fact that many vehicles coming out of town do not slow down at the Decoy mini-roundabout and there are daily incidents there and again some collisions. We have asked for sensible extra signage there as well.

We have been told that we can’t have any of these signs due to cost and also several people have to be killed before it would be necessary. Surely whoever is responsible for these signs must be able to see that saving vehicle accidents and possibly serious injuries is far more worthwhile than protecting the grass verges; and don’t say that it is different budgets because that is just stupid.