Natura Trail cyclists urged be courteous

CAN I remind cyclists using the Polegate to Heathfield Nature Trail that it is just that a Nature Trail NOT a cycle track for cyclists only.

At the start of the trail at Polegate cyclists are requested to show consideration to walkers and dog walkers.

Sadly this was not the case on New Year’s Day when my friend walked her dogs along the trail. A man in his forties came speeding towards my friends dogs. He made no attempt to slow down or go around them.

He ploughed straight into them. One of the dogs was catapulted into the air. He was screaming in pain and it was obvious little Joe had a broken leg.

The cyclist stopped briefly said nothing then just sped off leaving my friend with a very badly injured dog.

He was rushed to the vet but the injury was so serious he had to be taken to a specialist orthopaedic and spinal injury unit in Dorking.The leg is badly broken. It will be months before he is back to his normal self.

The cost for all the treatment is well into four figures and will be ongoing for months Most cyclists do show courtesy - but a lot don’t.

P Banks

Oakleaf Drive, Polegate