Mystified by this continual criticism

AM I the only person who is mystified by all the widespread criticism of the local Health Service with particular mention of the Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest Hospital in Hastings?

I have no knowledge of the Conquest Hospital but I have recently again had first hand experience of the DGH having been admitted to the Medical Assessment Unit and then in other wards for a stay of four-five days.

I have nothing but praise for the excellent treatment I received there and I have a number of friends who too have been in that hospital recently and all without exception agree with my view of the treatment they received from the nursing staff.

Could it be those who inspect our hospitals concentrate on the bureaucratic side of hospital treatment such as record keeping and target achievement, and take no account of the patients’ views on how they have been treated?

Should that be the case then is it too much to ask that the criticism is more accurately aimed so that we no longer get headlines screaming at us from the television and the press about poor treatment in our local hospital?

It must be terribly demoralising for the staff who work tirelessly on patient care for the most part and I am driven to write this letter in a small attempt to redress that balance and to let the nursing staff know they are really appreciated.

John Macdonald

Wish Hill, Willingdon