My schooldays in the Fifties

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From: Paul James Dellow

The Avenue

Back to school time. Yes, it’s upon us! And that reminds me, when I was at school in the mid-1950s (I’m 75 now) there were 38 pupils in my class.

We had a large map of the world on the wall, most of the countries were coloured red (British Empire). If you didn’t know them off by heart you were in trouble.

When we did something wrong in the eyes of the teacher we got the cane. Every day we got a 1/3 pint of milk at morning break. In winter it was often frozen, in summer it was more like single cream.

We had mental arithmetic tests daily and the dreaded spelling test. We had to know fractions and percentages at a moment’s notice.

Handwriting, we were told, had to be up slant and down straight and if it wasn’t, trouble again. Only heavy rain stopped us from having PE outside. A temperature of -2°C, 28 °F made no difference.

An annual sports day took place with races and field events. Only the winners got prizes, the rest were told they could do better!

School dinners, good some days, awful on others but we ate them. Detention was dished out for serious misconduct with a hundred lines for good measure. Happy days! More like just brilliant!