My paint pot is half-full, not empty

OH my goodness – if there was ever a person whose glass was half-empty instead of half-full it must be B E Allchorn (Gazette letters, October 5).

He is obviously very knowledgeable about the sea around Eastbourne, and the Beachy Head Lighthouse in particular, but for goodness sake, does he really think the supporters of the scheme to keep the lighthouse painted red and white, instead of letting it revert to a natural grey, are going to go paddling out to it with a ladder tucked under one arm and a paintpot and brush hanging on the other?

I’m sure that when (hopefully) enough money is raised, it will cover not only the materials but the experts to do the job properly, and from what I hear Trinity House is only too glad to give advice as and when needed.

So try not to worry B E Allchorn, I’m sure it will all be just fine.

Sharon Hunter

Manvers Road