My family enjoyed eating at the cafe

I have been horrified recently to read the letters from residents denigrating the lovely Wish Tower Restaurant.

I have spent a large time of my life in Eastbourne. I went to school here and founded the original Eastbourne Gramophone Society.

I have enjoyed many a fine meal at the Grand Hotel, the Cavendish, Queens and many other places and can only say that I never enjoyed eating so much as I have at the Wish Tower.

Their menu has always been unbelievable, their food really superb and service impeccable and friendly.

Having had to move to London for business reasons, I spend every holiday and many weekends at Eastbourne, during which I have tried never to miss a visit to the Wish Tower, often with members of my family and business associates – all of whom have been delighted with the experience.

If anyone has found dirt there, or noticed an unpleasant smell, I can only say they most have brought it in with them.

Please let us put an end to this unfortunate vendetta and bring back our lovely Wish Tower as we remember it.

Robert Yates, Alexandra Gardens, Chiswick.