Must make town cycle friendly

IN RESPONSE to last week’s correspondents on the subject of the cycling habits of Eastbourne residents and visitors, I’d like to throw my hat into the ring to say I’m firmly in favour of more safe cycling routes in the town.

However, please can these safe cycling routes join up? What is the use of a cycle path that doesn’t go anywhere?

If I set off from home to cycle to The Kiosk at the foot of Beachy Head, I have to negotiate often heavy traffic until I reach the seafront where I can join the cycle path at Fort Fun.

Sadly this path all too soon becomes a no-go area for cyclists and I’m back on the road taking my life in my hands.

I’m delighted Eastbourne Council plans to open a cycle path from the Wish Tower to Holywell, but I still won’t be able to cycle from the Redoubt to the Wish Tower without risking life and limb.

If we really wish to attract young people and families to our town we really must make it more cycle friendly.

D Sabri

Churchdale Road, Roselands