MP wrong to vote for Health Bill

I WOULD like to bring to the attention of readers who may not be aware, that Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd, recently voted in favour of the changes to the NHS, as proposed in the Health and Social Care Bill.

The register of votes can be found here:

Mr Lloyd voted in favour of the Bill, despite it not being in either governing party manifesto or the Coalition Agreement.

In fact the Prime Minister himself promised that the NHS was in safe hands and promised no “top down reorganisation of the NHS.”

The concerns of the public, and the vast majority of health experts has been ignored and the risk register still has not been published, despite the Coalition being ordered to publish it by the Information Commissioner and government losing an appeal.

Mr Lloyd should be held to account for voting in favour of the Bill and the best way to do this is in the next elections.

Mr Lloyd, and any other MP who voted in favour of the Bill should be voted out at the next opportunity.


College Green