MP should hang his head in shame

WITH reference to Mr Stephen Lloyd’s comments in the Gazette (November 30).

Mr Lloyd’s astonishing outburst aimed at those constituents daring to withdraw their labour on the day of strike action is a disgrace; he should hang his head in shame.

Furthermore, his call for them to make compromise can only be seen as a sick joke unworthy of a politician of any stripe.

In the past he has supported the NHS under threat, I recall he even claimed he ‘loved’ the NHS - it’s a pity he couldn’t extend that regard to those who work for it.

We face at least another four years of hardship for the many with the gap ever widening between the classes and all this without taking the Euro crisis aboard.

If Stephen Lloyd hopes to keep his seat then he’d better show more regard for all his constituents and stop hanging on the coat tail end of this Tory dominated coalition.


Northbourne Road