MP has failed to maintain pledge


From: Jean Beswick

Howard Square

It was with some interest that I read the Herald’s piece, last week, on MP Stephen Lloyd’s Brexit voting record.

At a time when public trust in our representatives is at a low point, Mr Lloyd has attempted to market himself as a man of integrity. Surely, any objective observer on this matter would conclude that, at best, he misled voters when he promised to “respect the result of the Referendum” or, at worst, he broke an election pledge.

The facts speak for themselves – he voted against ending the supremacy of EU law in UK law – 42 times; he voted against key Brexit legislation and did not vote against holding a second referendum even though the constituency he represents voted to leave the EU. This does not constitute ‘respect’ but ‘indifference’ to the wishes of the majority of his constituents.

To my mind this transcends being a Brexiteer or a Remainer, it is about trust, integrity and truth.

Mr Lloyd has failed to maintain his pledge by these criteria.

After the Referendum, Mr Lloyd advocated the creation of an Office of Electoral Integrity. If he had been successful, one wonders whether he would be hauled before the watchdog today, alongside a certain bus.