Moving trolleys is a crazy idea


From: Chrissie Tyndall

Carlisle Road

Thanks to Bev Jones (Herald February 2)for bringing Waitrose’s new crazy idea of no shopping trolleys in the store to light.

I totally agree it is so stupid. We are told in this modern world of people being overweight to exercise more and climb stairs, don’t take the lift. Well that’s what I always did at Waitrose, climbed the stairs to get my trolley. Now we can’t do that anymore, we have to take the lift with the trolley we have collected from outside in the car park.

This is really annoying because the lifts are always so busy, or not working at all. Now we are queuing for the lift to go up before we have even started to do our shopping, then we queue again after shopping to go down. The whole idea is crazy. It all worked perfectly when the trolleys were up stairs, now where they used to be in store are three cupboards with stock in. Can’t they find space elsewhere for their cupboards and let us have the trolleys back in store?