More provision for locals, please

I AGREED with the letter by C. Morgan (Herald letters, December 31) about the language students.

With exception of the Chinese and Japanese youths (who are very often polite), they do tend to be anti-social and loud.

Also I agree that it is a myth that they are good for the local economy. However, I have to find fault with the suggestion of attracting more mature tourists.

The day-trippers and “coach trip brigade” tourists who come here already only seem to benefit the seafront hotels, theatres and maybe a few of the cafés, as that is where they spend their money.

Also, the people in Spain, France and Germany are more likely to holiday in their own countries (due to reasonably priced accommodation and family-oriented atmospheres over there).

In fact, why would anyone living in the UK choose to holiday in Eastbourne or Brighton (or anywhere in Britain come to think of it)?

For the same price you pay for a few nights in a B&B, you can go all inclusive for a fortnight in Cuba or Turkey!

I have lived here for five years and have come to the conclusion that more provisions should be made for the locals, not tourists.

How about more jobs, cheaper housing and new leisure facilities? The people of Eastbourne deserve better!

Robert MacNeill

Lewes Road