More heritage bulldozed away

IT WAS with sadness I heard about the forthcoming demise of The Beachcomber formerly The Eversley Hotel, one of the last remaining old buildings on Seaford seafront.

As a child I remember Seaford seafront looking much the same as it did when pictures were taken of it with bathing machines on the beaches. In less than 50 years most of these buildings have all gone.

I also remember the Eversley Hotel with its verandah at the front.

A low white building compared to the other much taller Edwardian buildings (with their what would have been once elegant façades ) which lined the seafront.

My class at school did a project on the history of Seaford in which we were told the The Eversley Hotel was also a unique building in that it was built on huge concrete rollers which moved to protect the building when the force of the waves hit the sea wall.

The beach was much lower in those days.

Now it too and another piece of Seaford’s heritage must succumb to the bulldozer to be replaced by yet another mundane block of flats.

Mary Norman

Albert Road, Polegate