More adherents than detractors

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I MUST praise the local police for their vigilance on two occasions when they were sitting adjacent to me in their car, watching me smoking, and then driving off when they’d seen that I hadn’t thrown the cigarette on the ground.

I assume their vigilance will have resulted in any local person who has been mugged, burgled or assaulted recently to feel safe their complaint will have been dealt with swiftly and satisfactorily.

My maxim is to show people exactly the same respect as they show to me (a là Charles Kingsley’s ‘Do as you would be done by’).

But I am increasingly of the opinion that the local police don’t give a damn.

Sometimes respecting people in the same way as they respect you can be a negative thing, and I am quite happy to double that ‘respect’!

By the way, please do not mistake the word ‘respect’ for ‘deference’.

I had enough of that at school and that is why I refuse to allow shop workers to call me ‘sir’ as it implies they are inferior to me.

By the way, I seem to have more adherents than detractors with my local ‘fans’ and I’m glad to be as beligerent as possible until my right-wing nemesis John Wilkinson gets better.

But if you end up going cold turkey on my obnoxious epistles, please, either get angry about things more relevant than the Dotto Train or look at my other letters in the national press (I got a lot of fan mail about my letter to The Guardian suggesting that all Sun readers should be put in prison!) or look at my irrelevant/irreverant comments up on @sidney_vish on Twitter.

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close