More action needed please

IN reply to last week’s letter by the deputy leader of the Conservative group on Eastbourne Borough Council Councillor Howlett, I think it is a shame a councillor of her stature has to mis-quote others to score cheap political points.

For the record what I said was the county council already employs highways inspectors and it is their job to ensure potholes were promptly identified.

Contrary to what the councillor stated, I have in fact reported numerous potholes throughout Old Town and despite my continuing to chase the county council Highways Department, as I write they are still not fixed.

I would suggest Councillor Howlett lobbies her Conservative colleagues who run the county council to ensure they repair our roads here in Old Town ensuring they are safe, after all they have had plenty of time to fix them as it is now seven months since the bad winter so that is no longer an excuse.

Also, funding cannot be a problem as the Government gave councils extra funding to fix the roads. We also know the county council has in excess of £130 million lying in the bank.

I think a bit more action by Councillor Howlett and less inaccurate quoting would be appropriate.

Cllr John Ungar

Priory Heights