Mobility scooters face daily perils

EASTBOURNE is generally poorly served in the regard of kerbs.

I am a mobility scooter user who is not, thankfully as yet, totally reliant on it.

If I were I would I know be extremely frustrated and restricted in what I could and couldn’t do.

Many drivers I know are appalled when they see scooters and wheelchairs on the road but I can see the situation from both positions and totally how this has come about.

Basically there are not enough dropped kerbs and those that are available are not always maintained.

It means it is a dangerous situation for all concerned. It appears to be an accident waiting to happen, possibly with a tragic outcome.

Some areas are better than others but Willingdon Trees is poor and Polegate too.

Potentially someone could get injured or killed from using the road instead or end up getting tipped out of their chair when using an inadequate ramp. It really is a serious situation.


Kirkstall Close