Mixed use surprise for elected councillors

I WAS astonished to read the letter in last week’s Herald on the subject of cycling on the town’s promenade that purported to be issued on the authority of the council.

The letter claimed that the council had decided that it agreed with and supported the mixed use of the promenade by cyclists and walkers.

This will no doubt come as surprise to our elected councillors as they are the people who will make decisions on promenade use on our behalf, after suitable consultations, not unelected council officers.

We must have a council that is run democratically – not one that is officer- led.

As a cyclist, walker and also a dog owner I want the council to rigorously enforce the bylaws which are there to ensure the safety and the amenities of the promenade for all Eastbourne residents.

But their record is pitiful.

This is no doubt why some council officers favour the unregulated mixed use of the promenade as they can then leave the residents to deal with the ensuing mayhem.


Saffrons Park