Mixed economy key to future

I READ the article in the Herald (January 13) about power boat racing in July at Eastbourne, which is a very welcome thing.

It was stated it coincides with Eastbourne Extreme which, as you know, includes skate boarding and roller blading.

As my wife and myself come under the heading of the blue rinse brigade obviously we will not be attempting any of these sports, nor will the younger generation be attempting any of our pastimes – sitting on benches, staying at hotels, eating in restaurants, shopping in your very nice shopping centre, buying books from WHSmiths, using cafes, buying snacks, buying petrol from local garages, using local taxis.

On the weekend of January 13 at the Burlington Hotel there were well over 200 of the blue rinse brigade doing much the same we were doing.

The young staff at the hotel were fabulous, we have been to Eastbourne many times in the past and we have already booked for a return visit.

What you need in Eastbourne is a mixed economy and to entice visitors of all ages.

I’m sorry if some people find the blue rinse brigade with their spending power objectionable as most of us have worked hard all our lives, myself working nearly 50 years.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a plank on the end of the pier and ask for blue rinse volunteers?

I hope you find this letter a bit of fun, but there is a serious side to it that people are able to make inflammatory comments of the cuff.

Eastbourne and its area is a wonderful place, we will still visit many times each year, we know times are hard, but wrong messages in wrong places can only harm the wellbeing of Eastbourne.


George Street, Dover