Mistaken identity is flagged up

I much enjoyed the splendid flying and ground displays at Airbourne, particularly on Saturday and Sunday when the weather was kinder.

However, after seeing some eccentric choices of flags flown at the earlier 999 display, I was intrigued to see what offerings the council might give us this time. I was not disappointed.

All the Union Flags were correctly flown (i.e. not upside down) and the two Spanish flags near the Wish Tower were, I think, on a caterer’s stall offering Spanish cuisine.

However, I noticed the attempt to fly two flags in honour of the Belgian F-16 which flew in the show. One was indeed the Belgian tricolour of black, yellow and red but the other was actually blue, yellow and red – which is the national flag of Chad.

Elsewhere, I saw a red and white flag (red above white) which is for Indonesia or Monaco, or it might have been the Polish flag flown upside down. Who knows?

When I suggested in my previous letter, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that the council might choose the Vietnamese flag, I didn’t expect them to take up my suggestion, however they nearly did.

That flag is a gold star on a red field and they chose instead a green pentangle on a red field, the national flag of Morocco. I’m still baffled as to why.

Incidentally, the Lansdowne Hotel and two or three guesthouses around the town flew the RAF Ensign and the council also flew a large one at the Bandstand from the Monday of Airbourne week. Sadly it disappeared soon after and was not replaced. Was it blown away?

Any answers please, Eastbourne Borough Council?

Barry Earthrowl

Dudley Road