Miracle cyclist wasn’t injured

ON Thursday night I was nearing the end of a 600-mile road trip.

The weather was appalling, rain, hailstone, very poor viability, and a dark grey sky, which was not the easiest driving conditions, and I had been in those conditions from Weymouth.

Then to be confronted, with numerous cyclists, doing a timed trail run, between Pevensey, across the Marsh (A259), to Little Common Roundabout, and return down the country’s second most dangerous road, the vast majority of cyclist had no high-vis vest on, and I only saw six or seven with lights on their bikes.

Given the extreme conditions, I thought it would have been far better and safer to postpone that event, for a more favourable evening.

It was only a miracle that no cyclists were seriously injured or worse, even killed.

Organisers, engage your brains, and think of the lives of all, not only your cyclists.


Goddens Gill, Northiam.