Memories of very kind host family

DID YOU live in or nearby Eastbourne in 1952-55? If so, can you help me?

I convalesced with a very nice family in their home at Eastbourne, or nearby, when I was about 8- to 11-years-old in or about 1952-55. I stayed there for about six to eight weeks.

Dad would say I was going to a friend’s home but I now believe it was probably someone who took in ailing children like me – from smoggy Peckham in London – and who was probably recommended by our GP.

The daughter of the family, who I think was aged about 16-20 and would of course now be in her 70s, was I believe Christine, but I am not absolutely sure.

One thing I am sure about was her kindness as she often gave me a cuddle and lots of TLC, particularly when she heard me crying – usually after I had gone to bed at night feeling very lonely from being away from my family.

I recall she was a marvellous drawer of pictures, and had some really large sketches/drawings of high buildings and or castle-type buildings, laid out in a room.

I remember the family used to pull my leg about me catching a pigeon by putting salt on its tail and we could eat pigeon pie if I caught one.

What a smashing and kind family they were – please do rack your memories to see if you can help me.

Keith Auvache

01507 443652