Meeting badly run

Having followed the ongoing developments regarding the proposed new skate facilities in Gildredge Park, I attended a meeting last Saturday held by Upperton councillors.

The meeting, chaired by Councillor Liddiard, was very badly run, and resembled an anti-skatepark pressure group, with dissenting voices being shouted down.

This meant many didn’t have the opportunity to ask further questions; I would like to ask Cllr Liddiard in open forum the following regarding the survey he conducted:

How many surveys were issued, and how many were returned? And of those returned, which stated they didn’t want the park, and which did?

Also, did the accompanying literature contain bias for or against the proposals? And does Cllr Liddiard believe the skatepark or any new youth facilities in Upperton will lead to more anti-social behaviour?

I must highlight the very shoddy treatment afforded to the mayor, Cllr Heaps who, despite being first citizen of Eastbourne, was initially barred from attending the meeting by one of the Upperton councillors.

Cllr Heaps was then grudgingly admitted as ‘an observer’ which meant she was not allowed to talk, even when directly addressed.

The logic behind this was she was not an Upperton resident; why then were Cllr Howlett and Caroline Ansell, neither Upperton residents, permitted to speak freely?

I look forward to hearing Cllr Liddiard’s views on this matter, so that we may all see the proper democratic process being observed in what is clearly an important issue for many people.

Steve Scott

Sidcup Close