Meads losing valued service

FOUR years ago a greengrocer opened for business in Meads Village.

It was unexpected and greatly welcomed as it had been several years since we had been able to avail ourselves of such a service.

And service has been the operative word over that time with Meads Fruits run by Martin Pearse and his father Ian in the most efficient and friendliest of ways.

With the addition of the equally admirable Meads Butchers next door, we all thought we had got it made.

Both businesses have added tremendous value to a thoroughly English village, not always easy to come by these days.

But on January 17 we are to lose Meads Fruits, as a result, it would seem, of a mixture of politics, misunderstanding and possible obfuscation.

The Pearses have no wish to leave, according to the notice placed in their window, they are going because they have to.

And to what purpose? So that, incredibly, another cafe can be established in its place.

The excellent Black Cat cafe is only two doors away and the florist further up has its own coffee shop but we are to have an unnecessary third cafe in place of a needed greengrocers. Crazy.

Martin and Ian will be much missed.

Edward Thomas

Collington Close,