Mayoral role clearly defined

I STAND to be corrected and regulations may have changed since my time as mayor, but I can confirm Mr Thomas’s opinion of the law is correct that the mayor acts as the Queen’s representative in the borough and, as such, should not act, speak or vote politically.

One respected and dedicated mayor was severely admonished for unwittingly stepping out of line and penalised for some months for so doing.

At the time I believed it was a harsh punishment, although correct within the law, and that it could have been handled more delicately.

As mayor I voted in full council only rarely and only, as I remember, when the council members were in concert over a matter.

I believed that when votes were tied, the mayor should always vote for the status quo and avoid stating an opinion.

The mayor can always look to the chief executive, who sits close by, for advice and guidance.

Mayors should not attend group or ward meetings nor contribute to Party funds.


Granville Road