Mayor is doing what she promised

I’m intrigued by the recent correspondence about the impartiality of the mayor. Of course, as the borough’s First Citizen, the mayor is apolitical. However, Carolyn Heaps has long been a champion for youngsters in the town. She’s one of the few I know who actually stops to talk to the groups who gather in Manor Gardens and on street corners.

The skate park in Manor Gardens was first proposed more than ten years ago. I was one of the few who supported it. One of my neighbours launched a petition against and this ‘won the day’. The basketball posts were installed instead when the whole tennis court area was refurbished.

All Carolyn has done is lend her support to the current plans, as she’d promised over three years ago. It’s the councillors in Upperton Ward who made this a political issue, so the vote split on party lines. I wasn’t there to see if the mayor voted in favour, but even if she didn’t vote, their would still have been a majority.

Now let’s get positive and support the council cabinet’s proposals for the use of the Town Hall for community events, possible community radio and the change in bylaws to allow a street market in Terminus Road and a performance area near Marks & Spencer. We need lots of events by the community for the community so how about an Old Town float in next year’s carnival procession?

I live in Upperton, where there is little in the way of community events, although my house was built on one of the oldest sites in the centre of the town, almost alongside the main London road of Borough Lane and Compton Place Road. Well done Emma and Mark, with your exciting plans for the old Lushington Manor House. Perhaps this, together with the Friends of Manor Gardens will be the ‘seed corn’ need to help our community grow.

Derek Legg

Beechwood Crescent