‘May love and care continue’

Thank you for your report in the edition of May 13 about the progress St Wilfrid’s Hospice is making towards its goal of reaching more of the needy people in our community.

However, Helen Browne’s letter in the same edition presents such sharp contrast that it calls for comment.

Perhaps I may respond as I have been a member of the caring team at the hospice but am no longer on the staff.

In my professional work I still meet hospice staff and relatives of hospice patients. Often this is at a stressful time immediately after the death of a patient or loved one.

I know how much the staff – from the management to receptionists and including, of course, the volunteers - feel for patients and relatives.

I can assure Helen and previous recent correspondents to your letters page, that the senior staff of the hospice including the chief executive officer care enormously for their staff and volunteers, as well as for their patients and their relatives, particularly in the sad and difficult work they undertake.

I know how they agonise over difficult decisions they have to make and how aware they are of the importance of maintaining good relationships.

However, the consequences of difficult decisions cannot always please everybody and those making them need our support and understanding.

How good it is that, even in their sadness, so many people speak so appreciatively of all the love and care they experience from the ‘family’ of St Wilfrid’s hospice!

May that love and care long continue!

Anthony Smith (Dr)

former interim medical director Arundel Road