Maurice: Inspiration to us all

FEW in Eastbourne have cared as much, and done as much, for both young and old as Maurice Skilton.

He was a trustee and last remaining vice president of Age Concern Eastbourne and his contribution over many years to our senior citizens was incalculable. His death is a great loss to our organisation and he will be sorely missed.

And his concern and passion for the wellbeing of young people was no less remarkable. I remember when Open Door was in financial difficulties he summoned Clare and me to a meeting to raise funds,

Clare, because she had been on the original Management Committee, and me because I was the only one of us who could drive at that time.

Although Maurice was far from well his energy was incredible, writing hundreds of letters and phoning friends for their support.

Sadly we could not raise enough money but no one could have worked harder than Maurice.

Thank you for all you have done for the people of Eastbourne, Maurice, young and old. You have been an inspiration to us all.

Greg Szanto

Chairman of the

Board of Trustees

Age Concern Eastbourne

Stuart Avenue