Mature visitors would be more welcome

SO it is the expressed wish of the borough council and business to attract income from foreign students.

Well, as a long-term resident, I’d prefer future visitors to our shores to be mature, responsible adults - rather than the arrogant, unsociable youngsters who clog our town centre, summer after summer.

As for attracting income, this is largely confined to the host of families who do very well, thank you, from these subsidised teenagers!

As for their spending, while here it’s likely to be minimal as with limited means they favour cut-price outlets, according to reports.

So much for them bringing money into the town.

This being apparent, the council would do far better to advertise Eastbourne’s charms to our adult continental cousins.

That way they’d be more likely to attract real spending and real income.

And, for this writer, the mature, sober European visitor would be far more welcome.

C Morgan

Elms Avenue