Marvelling at the wildebeest trial!

WHEN I visited Serengeti Safari Park in East Africa many moons ago, I marvelled at the natural phenomena of the wildebeest trail. By primeval instinct, they take the same route back and forth from their grazing and drinking pastures, sometimes tragically falling prey to lions and crocodiles at certain watering holes along the way, but their numbers do not decline.

Here in Eastbourne I have found the wildebeest trail exists, yes I have. On every Friday and Saturday evening in summer or winter, the wildebeest start their migration at about 11pm from Bolton Street to Eastbourne Pier. At about 2am they migrate backwards along the same route. The security guards at the pier shoo away the predators to protect the migrating wildebeest. The lion is kept sufficiently away but the location of alligators remains mysterious.

I am surprised Eastbourne Borough Council’s tourism department has failed so far to advertise this natural phenomenon to the wild animal enthusiasts in Sussex not to mention all of Europe and North America. Our town can benefit from big spender safari tourists who would want to shoot photos of the wildebeest in action. VW camper vans with raised roof would spend money on parking, fish and chips and hiring licensed tourist guides and even make the Dotto Train commercially viable to midnight. The local university might even start a wild life tourism course. All in all, that would bring much wanted income to regenerate the town.

We all look forward to seeing this item built into the local town planning programme to uplift the prospects of the town for the future.


Burlington Place