Marty Wilde: not such a minor pop influence

Marty Wilde
Marty Wilde

I REALLY must take Keith Newbery to task over his comments about Marty Wilde in last week’s Gazette.

Aside from the unnecessary personal comments, he also describes the singer as a “minor British pop icon” who was “never a huge star”.

Let’s look at the facts rather than Mr Newbery’s misconceptions.

Marty Wilde was the UK’s number one teen pop idol until Cliff Richard came on the scene, and he also starred in the two premier TV pop shows of the late fifties, 6.5 Special and Oh Boy! - and later in Boy Meets Girls.

He had a total of 13 UK hits, six of which made the Top Ten. He has appeared in musicals, and no less than four films.

Additionally he has been a prolific songwriter, writing or co-writing such hits as The Casuals’ Jesamine (a no 2 hit), I’m A Tiger (a Top Ten hit for Lulu) and Ice In The Sun (a Top Ten hit for Status Quo).

He also wrote numerous songs for his daughter Kim in the eighties, as well as helping to mastermind her success – 30 UK chart entries, including eight Top Ten hits, as well as many worldwide hits.

Not bad for a such a minor influence in the pop world.


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