Markets can boost the town’s coffers

Street markets for Eastbourne (‘Market could provide colour, Herald, September 2) – great idea.

I read with great interest the proposal by Eastbourne Borough Council to hold street markets in the town centre and other areas.

When I worked in Worthing as town centre manager we started a street market the length of the central pedestrianised area, which is similar to Eastbourne.

When planning the market, we ensured it was high quality, looked attractive with matching stalls, and, where possible, did not sell goods that directly clashed with local shops.

This weekly market has grown from strength to strength, footfall on market day has increased by a third and it is on the tourist trail with coach tours visits. Specialist markets such as farmers, craft, Christmas and continental markets are also held.

Another bonus is the market would generate much-needed income that could be spent on other town centre projects and events.

There is no doubt that markets attract shoppers and enhance the shopping experience – let’s hope they will commence next year.

Anne Angel

Dillingburgh Road.