Market would threaten town shops

I read with interest Annemarie Field’s article (‘Market could provide colour’, Herald, September 2) about the proposed new weekly market to be held every Friday, right in the middle of the existing shops.

In it, Penny Shearer stated that ‘the market should be designed to provide colour, interest and added footfall to the area, not additional competition’.

It might add a few people to that area but they would be there to spend their money at the market and there is a limited amount to be spent, especially at the moment.

If ‘additional competition’ is not to be added that means the market would not be able to sell bread, cakes, pies or pastries, fruit or flowers, clothes, leather goods, souvenirs or gifts, sweets, cheese, bacon or meat, cards and crafts because all these are already well-catered for.

In other words, any regular market must put an added strain on the already struggling shops in that area and the rest of the town.

It will be interesting to see what the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce think about this as they represent the local shops.

Graham Upton

Claxton Close