Many thanks for continued support

Thank you for reporting in the Herald (May 27) our continued efforts to gain parity for British victims of terrorism abroad with those injured on British soil.

Stephen Lloyd was very supportive and spoke in the adjournment debate and Norman Baker has also been in touch with us to offer his support. As the sixth anniversary of our daughter’s death approaches we are very anxious to keep this issue in the public eye.

Our only criticism of the piece in the Herald was that the first paragraph stated that we are still awaiting compensation. Nothing is further from the truth - as you know, we have always stated that we personally are not seeking compensation, our fight is for those people who, had they been injured by terrorists in the UK, would have received significant sums of money to help them to rebuild their lives.

We know for a fact that British people are targeted by these terrorists wherever they are in the world - for example the British and US citizens were specifically sought out in the Mumbai attacks.

In reality it is not compensation that most of the survivors (or indeed bereaved families where the pricipal earner has been killed) of Bali, Mumbai and other terrorist attacks are hoping for, it is money to pay for the vital medical care and other services to help them begin to move forward.

We are not looking for compensation for financial gain ourselves from the loss of our daughter just to clarify our position.

Many thanks again for your continued support in this cause.

John and Angela Corke

Upper Street

East Dean