Main question is town’s economy

WELL, after my letter about the students, I certainly did expect the Spanish Inquisition.

However, Messrs Pellatt and Galloway gave me rational and reasoned replies and I hope to take up Mr Pellatt’s kind offer in the future.

I’m certainly not the Teutonophobe I seem to have portrayed, having had a mostly enjoyable summer travelling to Cornwall with two German friends in their Volkswagen camper.

Also, with Mr Galloway, I make the Curzon my preferred picture house and should I have won that whacking great Euromillions win recently, I would have anonymously set him up with a 3D facility and also refurbished the old ABC and Classic cinemas (which, I believe, are the only ex-cinemas which can be rescued) in order that he could show an equivalent range of films as his rival at the harbour.

Nevertheless, the main question is the economy of the town. I was saddened to notice the closure of Bar Via. This cafe/bar was popular with (Uni of Brighton) students for its wi-fi and they also gave excellent service when I went there for a cup of tea with mum once.

But Via couldn’t have failed because of the revolution unless somebody has started up a firm.

I fear the onslaught of the all-engulfing monolith which is The Arndale in the town’s ‘regeneration scheme’ which I think will create further degeneration in the town.

The American owners of The Arndale Centre seem very hard-nosed business-wise and there seems to be no call for, say, a Toys ‘r’ Us or something in a central location.

Interesting point from Mr Pellatt though, about his tongue-in-cheek point about painting the pier yellow.

The pier has been spruced up a bit to reflect how it looked before the 1970 fire, but although it may have been necessary to black-out the windows of the Blue Room in - ironically - white, could the window panes be repainted black in so far as to make it look like they actually are windows and make the pier even more aesthetically pleasing.

Dave Poole

Penhurst Close