Magistrates so out of touch

EVERY week we hurry to get the Eastbourne Herald. Is it for the news? Sometimes, but the best thing has got to be In The Field, by Annemarie Field.

How refreshing to see someone telling how it is and not going around the houses.

For some time now magistrates have been so out of touch, in fact how some of them get to be a JP I don’t know because they are so far removed from what is going on it beggars belief.

Okay, they will say they are guided by the clerk of the court or by their guide book. But is it not time to throw that book away and get a new one?

A few weeks ago I saw two people in court for breaking ASBOs, they got their wrist slapped and told not to do it again.

Also where we live we have a youth who we think has got his own suite at Hammonds Drive he has been in there so many times.

Not so long ago he was back and was fined £400. Brilliant, he is not working, has no money, so how is he going pay?

It doesn’t bear thinking about. Furthermore to add to Annemarie’s comments I have just read The Sun newspaper who seem to agree with her.

Just one thing to say: ‘Keep it up Annemarie’.

It makes the paper worth buying, and let us all say no to soft justice.

Alan Martin

Norway Road