Love it or leave is my advice

I WAS interested to read the letter in last week’s Herald from Mr Rasala, a resident of Sovereign Harbour.

I suppose I should start by saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even an opinion as polarised as his.

But I fail to understand why anyone who honestly holds these views would live in a town they consider so hideous and apparently devoid of merit.

I speak as a resident of Sovereign Harbour who came to live in Eastbourne because I wanted to.

I know the town, like many others, is far from perfect, however, it has a charm and, in my view, its Victorian roots are a major asset.

In my position I meet quite a few residents on the Harbour and in all the feedback I’ve had over the years I’ve never heard from anyone else who is so wholly critical of the town.

Perhaps it’s worth borrowing an Aussie sentiment. “Eastbourne, love it, or leave it!”


Chairman of Sovereign Harbour Residents Association