Losing charm for short-term gain

SO YET another beautiful Edwardian property in the presumably once picturesque Upperton area might be demolished for short-term gain, to build flats that no one wants and aren’t enough services for.

Once these period buildings are demolished, they can never be rebuilt. Another part of Eastbourne’s charm gone forever.

It’s not as if they are proposing a striking piece of modern architecture to replace it –hardly the right venue anyway.

The treatment of the old Towner seems to be another example of this (although I very much like the new building).

I wonder at the utter philistine behaviour of the planning officer and developers involved, and whether they really know what they’re doing, or indeed care. (After all, there’s money involved.)

I also wonder if Eastbourne’s council really understands how important it is to set up conservation areas and protect buildings like this one, if Eastbourne is not to be turned into a sea of architectural mediocrity, that no one would want to visit.

You could be forgiven for thinking I’m one of Eastbourne’s older generation (with due and great respect to the older generation) with my tone – I’m not. Indeed, in addition to being a family man with a young family, I’m also a musician in several bands.

However, I share the concerns that presumably many of that generation, and younger, have about the care that people in charge of our town are taking over things like this.


Cavalry Crescent