Lorries will be rumbling through the villages

IN RESPONSE to Mr. James Wilson’s letter(April 15) headed ‘Filling a hole in the jobs market’.

He clearly does not know the location of Filching Quarry nor the road leading to it or the access road from the C40 - otherwise he would not have said vehicles will not be travelling through their village.

The trucks will enter the C40 from the Polegate traffic lights, on through the village of Wannock and hamlet of Filching, passing Gibby’s Tea Rooms and turning right on a sharp bend.

I suggest Mr. Wilson drives the route again and he will clearly see these trucks will pass people’s doorsteps in Wannock and, at Filching Manor, drive along a narrow twisting road with no footpaths and bridleways and then enter the quarry from an unmade narrow road right outside two houses.

As the writer lives in Sovereign Harbour he obviously has no concept as to how disruptive this will be for five years.

Residents living adjacent to the quarry will not being able to access their houses freely and be subjected to noise, dust pollution and carbon emissions - unable to use their gardens for pleasurable purposes.

I hardly think the creation of three jobs, as stated in the application, will compensate the possible loss of jobs within Filching and Jevington due to loss of visitors and trade to the immediate areas .

Mr. Wilson unfortunately does not live within the newly designated National Park and all that stands for in respect of maintaining amenities for visitors pleasure.

The gaping hole he refers to has been there for 140 years (although worked previously in many formats) and with natural regeneration, as had occurred for the past 20 years, will become one of the South Downs chalk escarpments which have become a natural and nationally recognised feature of this area and properly maintained by secure fencing are safe from intruders.

Jasmine Gayton

Jevington Road, Filching