Looking after our seafront asset

HOW IS it that Bexhill can spend £5.6m on revamping their seafront west of the De La Warr Pavilion and Eastbourne’s looks ever more sad, unkempt and uncared for?

During the Bank Holiday weekend I had occasion to visit Bexhill and was amazed at the transformation that has taken place along the seafront of West Parade.

Modern, light, wooden shelters, copious free seating, children’s play areas, and a modern planting scheme which I’m sure will look very good indeed in years to come.

A complete transformation of West Parade from the dowdy, flat promenade that existed before. How do they do it?

The full-size shelters were chosen by Rother District Council through a competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and are one of the most notable features of the seafront scheme.

The design includes landscaping, gardens, a new park, restaurant and a water feature within a mile-long stretch of promenade.

I cannot understand why our own council hasn’t beaten Bexhill and revamped our own seafront first?

What isn’t happening in Town Hall? Ideas, Invention and Initiative. Instead we are treated to document after document in the usual bureaucratic fashion - frameworks, outlines, strategies, and so on. Anything short of doing something tangible.

Some may not like the modern design of the shelters but they make a strong statement that Bexhill is a resort of the 21st century and not stuck in a Victorian backwater as we are.

The development largely seems to be appreciated by resident and visitor alike, if the comments I heard are representative.

I suggest that all the councillors, representing wards that share the seafront, get along to Bexhill and see what has taken place.

The council needs to be less complacent and more active in making our biggest tourist asset the best in the land!

Tony Crooks

Mendip Avenue