Long may this tolerance continue

THE censorious and prudish never learn. They shoot themselves in the foot when attempting to ban films, plays or books.

I trust that Mr Ian Donald, the Eastbourne Pier vendor of saucy postcards, is laughing all the way to the bank.

After an excessively wet summer, the massive amount of free and supportive publicity following a complaint by the assistant minister at a minor church must be welcome.

As usual, the attempt by a religious individual to impose his standards on everyone is supposedly to protect children.

But I have yet to hear a protest against the enactment of the Easter Crucifixion on sites like Brighton in full view of children.

They are more likely to be upset by this bloody spectacle than by seaside postcards they cannot read or understand.

I disagree with the Daily Mail suggestion that Eastbourne is ‘the most prudish town in Britain’.

A little sedate, perhaps, but rallying to Mr Donald and his naughty cards shows that fun-loving tolerance is thriving in the town.

Long may it continue!


Somerhill Road, Hove