Loft insulation offer warning

A WORD of warning to people taking advantage of the Government’s offer of subsidised loft insulation.

I had my loft insulated for free. But as we all know, nothing in life is free.

I now know that when the workmen did the work last year, they blocked the ventilation in the roof with the new insulation.

The result is mould growing on the timbers of my roof and in order to cure this, I have the expense of employing a roofing contractor to install new vents.

This will restore ventilation, which will kill the mould. If this work is not done, the mould could cause substantial damage.

If the Government’s free insulation offer included new vents in the roof, I would not have the expense now. But I fear the same thing is happening elsewhere. We could see a lot of damaged roof in a few years.

Jean Sands

Channel View Road